Meet Angelique Santana

Chef | Coach | Author | Speaker

“Food is love. There are no rules in food and love.”

Angelique is the owner and founder of Eat With Angelique, the small business she launched with a singular mission in mind - to guide people toward a healthy lifestyle starting, but not ending, with the food they eat.

On any given day, Angelique might be found:

Speaking at events to spread wisdom, inspiration, and personal experiences around creating a personalized healthy lifestyle.

Curating mouth-watering plant-based meals for clients based on their needs.

Creating recipes and authoring content related to healthy, plant-based eating.

Coaching clients and groups on how to eat intuitively.

Leading in her space as an educator, motivator, and proliferator of her overarching message that, “Food is love.”

Angelique challenges people to change their relationship with food. Her guidance leads her audience to ask themselves thought-provoking questions like:

What does healthy really look like to you?

What unnecessary “rules” are you following that impact your relationship with food?

How do the thoughts you think and the story you tell yourself impact your health?

Why do you reach for certain food items? What cycles are you repeating?

How can we create a personalized, holistic, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle for you?


Eat With Angelique, with Angelique Santana at its helm, is a multi-prong, heart-led business that brings a gamut of inspired touchpoints to wide audiences delivering the important message that eating healthy is a form of self-care and self-love.

Tasteful Experience

Angelique shares the wisdom and subject matter expertise that comes from two decades of experience. Her background includes key roles as a plant-based chef, a marketer, and a physical fitness consultant with a focus on vegan (plant-based or plant-forward) eating and holistic health and wellness strategies.

Mindset Matters

Angelique applies her decades of tangible experience to a mindset method that takes into account your uniqueness, a sustainable lifestyle, and a dedication to love. Love in the form of self-care, self-acceptance, and intuitive eating habits with a heap of compassion.

Simplified Health

Angelique is always conveying this message to her clients, “Being healthy doesn't have to be hard.” Recipes can be streamlined. Ingredients, meal plans, and food solutions can be kept simple and still facilitate success. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean eating foods you don’t like or sticking to rigid rules. Eating intuitively, in other words, what you want, when you want, can help build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Motivation + Meals

Angelique’s cooking skills go beyond plating up delicious plant-based meals that impress. Eat With Angelique stands for more than eating habits and rises way beyond dieting. It’s a movement, a mindset shift, and a lifestyle overhaul. It’s about motivation, love, and personalized health strategies.

Events + Engagements

Angelique brings her message of healthy living to larger audiences through private and public speaking and educational programs. Through sharing personal stories and hands-on experience, large and small audiences are able to tap into the Eat With Angelique mindset shift. This shift in attitudes toward foods that can lovingly transform lives through food and lifestyle choices that have an immediate and lifelong impact on health and wellbeing.

Angelique believes in guiding you toward a lifestyle you can actually live with.

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