Meet Angelique Santana

Vegan Chef for Experiences, Speaking, + Coaching

Meet Angelique Santana - Chef | Coach | Author | Speaker - Angelique is the owner and founder of Eat With Angelique, the small business launched with a singular mission in mind - to guide people toward a healthy lifestyle starting, but not ending, with the food they eat. Angelique is a published author, a motivational speaker, a health coach and, of course, a chef.

About Eat With Angelique - Eat With Angelique, with Angelique Santana at its helm, is a multi-prong, heart-led business that brings a gamut of inspired touchpoints to wide audiences delivering the important message that eating healthy is a form of self-care and self-love.

What We Stand For - Angelique brings decades of experience to a mindset method that takes into account your uniqueness, a sustainable lifestyle and a dedication to love. Love in the form of self-care, self-acceptance and intuitive eating habits with a heap of compassion.

Empowering Healthy Lifestyles - Angelique brings her message of healthy living to the larger audiences through private and public speaking and educational programs as well as to individuals through customized lifestyle plans. Angelique believes in guiding you toward a healthier lifestyle you can actually live with.