The Holistic Approach to Health You’ve Been Craving

Are you ready to shift into a
simple, healthy approach to food
that’s free from strict rules and sacrifice?

It’s time to stop the endless cycle of diets and deprivation and instead learn how to trust yourself when it comes to the food you eat.

Food isn’t the enemy. 

Food is love. It’s a connection. It’s life.

And there’s nothing inherently wrong
or bad about craving more.

The truth is: We’re all hungry for something.

Right now, you may be hungry for:

And instead of feeding those parts of life where you’re truly hungry, you’ve attempted to quiet your hunger pains with food...and not the kind of food that makes your body or soul feel satisfied and nourished. 

You’ve likely been choosing foods that don’t support the life you want, which leaves you discouraged and ready to turn to the next “quick fix” diet or food trend.

This isn’t your fault though...There’s a reason the diet industry is booming and worth billions.

And if you’re like most of my holistic health clients, you feel like you’ve tried everything in an endless quest to lose weight and crack the code on how to start eating healthy in a way that sticks (without being restrictive!). 

The problem is none of those trends, diets, or prescriptive “healthy eating plans” teach you how to actually feed yourself or your family.

They just give you endless — and oftentimes contradictory — rules to follow.

So, while they may work in the short term, the weight and unhealthy habits always creep back in — further chipping away at your relationship with food and trust in yourself.

Thankfully, this frustrating cycle doesn't have to continue!

As a food, mindset, and lifestyle coach, I’m here to empower you to make your own decisions when it comes to food. I do this by helping you discover a way to eat that not only works for you now but is sustainable and will have a lifelong impact on your health and wellbeing.

I believe in guiding you toward a lifestyle you can live with, without deprivation or sacrifice. A lifestyle that begins, but does not end, with the food you eat. Your health and wellbeing are about more than the food you eat. They are also about the life that you live.

I aim to bring love, joy, and ease to your life by guiding you to customize a lifestyle plan that is just for you because nothing is more important than you.

In my 1:1 holistic health coaching program, you and I will work together to transform your relationship with what you eat and find foods that serve you and the life you crave.

Whether you’re seeking to...

...this program is for you!

Everything we do together is 100% customizable to where you are now and where you want to be in your food and health journey.

No one likes to be told what to do, and I’m not here to limit you or your experience with food. Instead, I strive to help you develop a relationship with food by feeding yourself in a way that allows you to live the life you want and feel amazing while you’re living it!

I believe in beginning with a plant-forward way of eating, and then adding in the other foods that serve you. There will never be deprivation, convoluted rules, or harsh restrictions in the plans we make. It’s all about what works for YOU!

It’s all about building that relationship with yourself and learning how to trust yourself to choose the foods that work for you. 

Relationships are the foundation of everything we think, feel, do, and speak. And our relationship with ourselves is at the center of it all.

Here is a taste of what you will get with our time together:

Simple, healthy recipes and cooking support
as you prepare food for yourself
and your family
(no all-day meal-prep Sundays or cooking skills required)

Guidance in creating a healthy lifestyle — including kitchen set up, freezer, pantry,
and refrigerator organization,
choosing cooking utensils, etc.

1:1 live coaching sessions with time in between to implement and try out the things we talk about

Text, email, and Voxer access to me for questions along the way

A Google folder full of resources to help make your health journey easier

Recordings of our sessions and my notes from the call

Mindset support and tools to improve your connection with yourself

Awareness of the foods that best support you (including the opportunity for food sensitivity testing for an additional investment)

My guidance is different from the other diets and health coaching you’ve previously encountered.

As your health guide, I promise to:

My holistic health approach centers on you and helps you to throw out those restrictive beliefs and rules you’ve collected around food.

You are meant to
love food.

You are meant to
love eating.

You are meant to
love feeding and
caring for yourself

You are also meant to be able to do all of this in a way that supports the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Let’s find out what you’re really hungry for and work together to lovingly create a simple, healthy way for you to eat and live. 

The Circle of Life

Uncover what you're really hungry for more of.

What does the hunger in your life actually look like?

1. Think about each area in your circle of life, and consider how satisfied you are right now.

2. Place a dot on the lines of the circle showing your level of hungry or fulfillment in those parts of your life.

If you are starving for more in a particular area, place your dot near the center of the circle.
If you are deeply satisfied, place your dot near the outside edge of the circle. 

(Note: Most people fall somewhere in between. Look at the circle below as an example.)

What does the hunger in your life actually look like?

3. Notice the areas that are unbalanced and where there is greater hunger.
Then, you can focus on nourishing and feeding those parts of your life to create more joy, love, and happiness.